Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Nay Holland and I am the webmaster/founder/head writer/sole writer/mastermind/hokage/etc of Lost Summer Dayz. “Bringing you the finest in entertainment news from the borough of Kings!” as was my original tagline was. “The Never Ending Summer Solstice!” as it is currently now. But what IS Lost Summer Dayz?

Founded in 2017 as an idea on paper, the site had its humble beginnings as a Tumblr blog. Initially, I wanted to incorporate my passion for gaming and writing while doubling as a portfolio for my content. Over the years, it flourished into a news outlet where I wanted to voice my opinion and give my reviews from a personalized yet professional touch.

Eventually, I knew that said humble beginnings were just that — Beginnings. So I wanted to take my “project” to the next level and transform it to a brand for myself. It’s still a portfolio of who I am as a writer, a journalist, a gamer, and a “blerd.” However, I want to use this site as a way to show others that if you have a dream, stick to it. Hence, the “never-ending solstice.” Even in the darkest, the sun is always shining somewhere in the world. Don’t lose that spark.

I hope you enjoy your visit and thank you once again for your support! Even stopping to read this means a lot. Seriously.

Contact info

Nay Holland
email: nay.holland@lostsummerdayz.com