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Lost Summer Oasis: Bunnies & Cream

Greetings! Lost Summer Dayz is back at you again with a feature within a feature! If you are viewing this from the Castle Point Convention article then you’ve come to the right place as I will talk more about an Artist Alley vendor I had the chance to befriend and interview. If you are viewing this yet you haven’t yet had the chance to read the Castle Point article, please read it here first! Or read it after! There’s no real order, but, please read both!

During the Castle Point Anime Convention article I mentioned how in the Winter Brawl article…(article-ception!)…that Artist Alleys and Artist vendors are the glue that holds tournaments/conventions/social gatherings together. When con-goers buy crafts from various artists, in relation to various pop-culture themes, it’s a win-win for all involved. A win for the con-goers to take a piece of fine art home or, if you’re like me, pin them on their bags. It is also a win for the vendors of course as they make a profit doing what they love.

But what if your craft is a tad bit different from the usual fair of keychains, stickers, and pins relating to pop culture? What if your wares are of the “everyday necessity” variety? What if you just wanted to make sure your body felt as good as you would want it to smell, especially at a gathering where you’re around a plethora of people at any given time?

Wanted to make sure your lips were smooth as silk yet forgot your balm at home? Not too keen on your choice of lotion and want to try something new?

What if all of these were a possibility without ever having to leave the con floor?


This is where the geniuses at Bunnies & Cream  come in. Selling a wide array of products including but not limited to scented candles, body mist, lotion, and lip balms, I was enamored at first sight.

For starters, which was a point I brought up to my new friend, Chris, who ran the vendor, this was something I hadn’t quite seen at a convention before. The more I observed the products, the more I realized how important something like this existed at a convention.


In my personal perspective, personal care items always make a fine gift for others. There’s never a moment where it’s not beneficial to use a personal care product as well.

That said, I was able to get an interview with Bunnies & Cream to offer some insightful views on their business. Their origin, how they designed to venture down this path, and the success and challenges one face while handling such a niche yet successful business.

Lost Summer Dayz: This is something I haven’t seen in a convention before, like, scented candles, body spray, body lotion, lip balms, etc. My first question would be are all of these products your doing? Like, handmade?

Bunnies & Cream: Yeah, I make the bottles myself, pour all the fragrances, everything is done by hand 100%

LSD: Nice! How long have you been doing this?

B&C: I’ve been doing Artist Alley since 2009, but before I was into sewing. However, I’ve been doing [personal care] instead for going on six years.

LSD: So what made the switch from sewing to personal care products?

B&C: Ah… [The former] is really rough on your hands ahaha. My favorite lotion-maker actually started a dog walking business. I didn’t want to lose my favorite lotions, so I decided to learn how to make them myself!

LSD: How do you feel what you’re doing, being independent and making your own products, as opposed to other big name corporations who are doing the same thing is more beneficial to both yourself and the consumer buying your products? Do you feel you have more control?

B&C: Well, when it comes to smaller batches, I’m in control, making sure everything smells good. There’s less excess ingredients that are used, while sticking to a formula suited for each product.  As such, it’s cheaper and easier to have control on the batches one makes as there is a science to it.

LSD: How has business been since then? Have you started a trend you feel? Or is it something that you feel is strictly unique?

B&C: Ah, well it has certainly caught on. There are definitely others doing it though I feel I’m one of the few who has done it for the longest. There are laws, federal and state, that govern how these are made. I follow to the best of my ability to make sure my products are indeed FDA regulated since these products are going on to people’s bodies. It’s an arduous process, however, I’m very particular about not only the satisfaction of my products, but also the safeness of my products as well!

There you have it! Just from hearing them discuss everything to the letter alone, you can tell that years of experience paid off in not just handling such a delicate craft, but making sure that the product meets safety, customer, and personal standards.

Each batch and product is made individually with love and care, and that’s something that I, of course, have nothing but respect for.


In conclusion, I have bought two of their lip balms. The coffee flavour
and the hot chocolate flavor. I have yet to try the hot chocolate flavor
as of yet, but, after a week of using the Coffee lip balm I can say it
is on par to competitive lip balm out there. Burt’s Bees come to mind
for example, but, I find that this lip balm doesn’t dry my lips over
time as BB’s tend to do, which is always a plus in my book. I’m quite
amazed at the quality honestly.


Thank you once again Bunnies & Cream for taking the time to talk with me! A link to their website as well as their social media can be found below!

Bunnies & Cream Website



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