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Red Bull Conquest New York & Defend The North: Summer Equinox

Original Date: 07/28/18

Author’s Note: Back into the groove of things, this was the first article since Combo Breaker where I could provide photos, although these photos would not be possible if it wasn’t for one of my closest friends, Devin “Dstyles” Harris, coming in with the clutch.

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Road to Combo Breaker: A Tale of Two Souls

Original Date: 08/16/18

Author’s Note: While the Chinatown Beatdown article was the first to be published, this was the first article I’ve written for Unbroken, so I lied. Oops. Anyway, I interviewed a teammate, Ando, over Discord, and was able to push this out as well as give my own insights on what to expect for Combo Breaker.

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