Saturday, July 20, 2024

Update post! Huge update post!

What is up peeps! Happy New Year! Happy Holidays! Happy Valentine’s! Now that we’ve caught up to speed, I understand the last you have heard from us was waaaaaaaaay back in August, so let us reintroduce ourselves for 2019 with our newest representative! Say hello to Natsumi! An awesome, huge shoutout to Sheepalope Art for the commission! Please, check her work out if you need anything from her at all!

Truthfully, it was because I’ve been busy with work and other real life shenanigans, but for the year of 2019 we are back! How back are we? Back with a mascot! There are other artists who are drawing their own rendition on Natsumi, which when finished I’ll use them to promote LSD a lot more as well as the other local talent I have in my friends who can draw their asses off! (Something I can’t do for the life of me lol)

Also! Please look forward to an article REAL soon.

How soon? In about a few hours to early morning, time permitting!

I know I hit so many people with a slew of updates and news in one post, but please look forward to the following posts where we have collaborations with other good brothers and sisters in the works! The next post will be an article though, as promised! Stay tuned!


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