WONDER BOY Asha in Monster World Review

A quick thank you to the good folks at ININ and StudioArtDink for providing a small games writer with a code for this awesome remake of an obscure classic. The former were the same guys who published the equally impressive Bubble Bobble 4 Friends in which I also took a look at over the holiday season. …

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[REVIEW] Clea / 克莉 for the Nintendo Switch

Psychological horrors, charming artwork, and puzzle-solving, now in the palm of your hand!

Clea, by InvertMouse, was released last year on Steam; A survival horror that boasts “Jump scare-free skill-based gameplay.” Looking at user reviews for the game, I was intrigued by how overwhelmingly positive the reception was.…

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REVIEW: Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~

A dungeon-crawling survival horror and a visual novel filled with zombie waifus? More likely than you think!

This review was made possible via an early review copy from the good folks at Sekai Games. As per devs wishes, there are no major spoilers and I opted to talk about the game via my first impressions.

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