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Japanese developers Inti Creates announces surprise Steam release

The sequel to the classic reboot, Blaster Master Zero 2, released earlier this year on the Nintendo Switch, is slated for a late November release on Steam.

Future DLC plans for Dragon Marked For Death were also announced. This includes two new classes, the Oracle and the Bandit, and a major overhaul on the existing job classes.…

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The Sega Dreamcast is almost old enough to drink

An introspection of one’s childhood memory as we celebrate the fabled console’s twentieth anniversary.

September 9th, 1999

The four nines was a date that was met with great anticipation. Not only would it be the last date where we would see such a phenom in the 20th century with 8/8/88 before it, but it marked a date that would go down in gaming history.…

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New York Gran Turismo World Tour Championship concludes amidst controversy

Contention for ultimate victory ran red hot as Mercedes Benz wins the Manufacturers Cup and Igor Fraga cinches the Nations Cup.

It was previously mentioned that tires were not going to be the only thing heating up this past weekend. No one expected a raging inferno however as the climactic finish to a nail-biter of a championship caused sparks to fly.…

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Gran Turismo’s World Tour Championships hits the apex in North America this weekend

The FIA-certified championship pits the best Gran Turismo drivers around the world in New York City on August 24th and the 25th.

With the Big Apple being the third stop on the World Tour, tires aren’t the only thing that will be heating up as the pressure intensifies midway through the 2019 season of Gran Turismo Sport.…

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Red Bull Conquest New York & Defend The North: Summer Equinox

Original Date: 07/28/18

Author’s Note: Back into the groove of things, this was the first article since Combo Breaker where I could provide photos, although these photos would not be possible if it wasn’t for one of my closest friends, Devin “Dstyles” Harris, coming in with the clutch.

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