Sunbeams #3: Thaís Durães Interview – Voice of Katarina Alves

Hello dear readers! I hope everyone is safe out there during these times. It has been a long time since our last article and I apologize for the month long hiatus! Before I jump into the main course, I’d want to be a bit transparent first. …

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Lost Summer Deep Dive – Christie Monteiro Part 1

An In-Depth Look At A Capoeirista Forgotten By Lore

When one thinks of capoeira, it is impossible to mention the impact video games had in bringing the art into the public eye. Sure, there have been movies, books, and capoeira schools for as long as the art existed, but video games were arguably the form of media which made the art popular.…

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Road to Combo Breaker: A Tale of Two Souls

Original Date: 08/16/18

Author’s Note: While the Chinatown Beatdown article was the first to be published, this was the first article I’ve written for Unbroken, so I lied. Oops. Anyway, I interviewed a teammate, Ando, over Discord, and was able to push this out as well as give my own insights on what to expect for Combo Breaker.

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